Three great Manchester city hotels

Manchester city hotels

Manchester is a huge place with lots of hotels available in different price ranges. Each of the following hotels suits a different budget, and between them there should be something for almost everyone.

For those on a budget, Premier Inn is a great choice. There are several of them in Manchester, including one in the city centre and one by the airport, and although they can't compete with pricier hotels they have all the basics covered and if you've ever stayed in one before you'll already know what to expect. Prices for a Premier Inn in Manchester start at £19 a night and you can take a look at all of their Manchester branches and book a room at premierinn.com.

The Place Apartment Hotel will provide a memorable stay, offering four star luxury apartments in a grade two listed building. The apartments are spacious, attractive and include a variety of facilities, including designer furniture, flat screen TV's and well equipped kitchens. Prices start at around £78 a night, so it's not cheap, but you'll save money on food as you can cook for yourself rather than eating out. You can make a booking at theplacehotel.com.

For true luxury look no further than 'Velvet', a stunning hotel in the heart of Manchester. All of their rooms are designed with luxury and decadence in mind and they are one of the most highly regarded Manchester city hotels. Prices start at around £90 a night, but it will make for a night that you'll never forget. For a closer look at what's on offer visit velvetmanchester.com.


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