Booking a Man to Tenerife South and Ca (Around) Playa de las Americas Holiday

Man Tenerife South CA Playa de Las Americas

If you are thinking of buying a travel package from Man to Tenerife South CA or near Playa de las Americas, have a look at The Co-Operative Travel (co-operativetravel.co.uk).

Check in at the Laguna Park II for 7 nights or from October 7 to 14, 2011. Situated on a hillside, this modern apartment complex has a fully equipped kitchen, pools, children's playground, restaurant, and a mini-market. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the magnificent ocean or go to nearby Torviscas Beach. Playa de las Americas is just 2 kilometres away.

Depart at 15:55 on a flight operated by Thomas Cook from Manchester on October 7, 2011 and arrive in Tenerife South at 20:07. The total cost of this package is £688.28 for 2 people inclusive of return flights, accommodation, and car hire for one week.

Add trips around the island such as the Vuelta a la Isla Tour for £64 and the Gomera Island Tour for £116 per person.

For a travel date from October 1 to 8, 2011, choose the Oro Blanca G for £522.83 or the Paraiso Sol for £592.67 per couple. Located near shops, bars, dining, and entertainment centres, these places are popular among young travellers and those seeking a lively atmosphere.

Browse on Sunshine (sunshine.co.uk) for discounted rates. Book a package from November 14 to 21, 2011 for £540.88 for 2 people inclusive of return tickets, lodgings at the Parque Cattleya Apartments, and private transfers. Your flight operator is EasyJet leaving at 07:00 and reaching your destination at 11:45 just in time to explore the beach, shops, and dining places in preparation for a night out with your partner or a special someone.

Choose the Caribe Apartments on Playa de las Americas. Your outbound flight leaves at 14:05 and arrives in Tenerife South at 18:30. This package costs £682.43 including roundtrip tickets, accommodation, and car hire for 2 people.

Need a parking in Manchester? You can leave your vehicle at the Purple Parking and Ride for £27 per week. Fly to your destination and drive off in your own car when you return.

Going away for the Christmas season? Book from December 24 to 31, 2011 and treat the whole family to an all inclusive stay at the Columbus Aparthotel. Expect to pay £2747.14 for a group of 4 with 2 adults and 2 children. This price includes return tickets on EasyJet, lodgings, and car rental for 1 week. For your convenience, include £29.99 parking with JetParks.

What finer way to escape the nasty cold by purchasing a Man to Tenerife South and ca Playa de las Americas holiday package? With these inexpensive deals, you don't have to pay so much for an enjoyable and 'hotter' winter escapade.

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