malta view all holidays this Summer

Malta offers a wonderful combination of sunshine, culture and history. It is located south of the island of Sicily. The country has a rich history and the country has some of the oldest standing buildings in the world. It has also become a common place to film historical movies because of this parts of Gladiator and Troy were filmed there. Malta's climate is influenced by the Mediterranean Sea and the winters are wet and windy and the summers are almost guaranteed to be warm and sunny. Some of the spots you should try to visit are Valetta which is the capital city, St Julian's is a perfect area for nightlife and entertainment and Rabat has numerous historical attractions such as St. Paul's catacombs and the Roman Villa so take a look at our recommendations for Malta view all holidays.

The Canifor Hotel is a four-star hotel located between St Paul's and Salina Bay in Malta. It is just a few minutes away from the attractive Qawra promenade and there is plenty of opportunities for you to relax and sunbathe on the flat rocks of the shoreline of St Paul's and Salina Bay. All rooms in the hotel have a balcony which looks out over the swimming pool and jacuzzi and at just £299 per person for a week this is a great offer from mercury-direct.co.uk.

The second hotel is the Fortina Hotel which is offering a four star half board stay for two weeks at the hotel with one week's stay free. It is located on Sliema's waterfront and has wonderful views of the Valetta skyline and is priced at £495 per person from mercury-direct.co.uk.So if you wanted to see Malta view all holidays, this should do the trick!


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