Enjoy balmy Malta temperatures for most of the year!

Malta temperatures

Savvy travellers will know that as a norm, you can expect to find summer temperatures in the high thirties in southern Mediterranean countries and that it’s good to be near the beach.

Malta is no exception, with average temperatures in July and August of around 32ºC, often reaching 36ºC at mid-day. As an island destination hotspot, if you’re looking for sun, sea and sand, you’ll be guaranteed hot sunny days during these months and can travel light with t-shirts and shorts and leave the umbrella at home.

If you’re interested in doing a little sightseeing and shopping in Valletta or visiting the island’s historical sites, you may find yourself flagging in the searing heat, and Malta temperatures in the beautiful months of April, May and June would suit you better.

Average temperatures in April are a pleasant 20º with a high of 26º. In May temperatures average 24º (28º high) with surface sea temperatures around 18º. Things hot up in June when average temperatures rise to 29º with a high of 33º and you can enjoy a swim in balmy waters with little chance of rain.

And what if you’ve planned an autumn visit? In theory Malta temperatures in September are still hot and quite humid although the first rains of the season in the second half of the month lower temperatures.

On average expect around 29º falling to 25º in October. Sea temperatures are still warm at 23º. There’s a similar amount of rainfall in both months of around 70mm.

And it may be hard to believe but average Malta temperatures in the winter rarely fall below 15º. Even in December you can get sunny days with average temperatures of around 18ºC. It would be very rare to have a white Christmas in Malta!

Check metoffice.gov.uk/weather/europe/malta before you book. Enjoy your holiday!

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