Mallorca on a Budget

No need to shell out a lot of cash on your Mallorca holidays. With cheap eats and attractions, the only thing in excess here is the sunshine...which lasts over 300 days!

Mallorca Dining

  • 801. Visitors won’t go bankrupt dining in this bank-turned-restaurant with reasonable prices. Amidst the elegantly refurbished dining room where the safety deposit boxes are now just mere accessories, guests can have a three-course meal at a cheap price. Creative market cuisine is the main attraction here, with specialties such as Iberian pork on a layer of Boulangère potatoes and pimientos del padrón (small green peppers) and grilled fresh foie with candied apple and Port. Watch out for the special themed dish every month!
  • +Natural. Health comes cheap in this restaurant that especially caters to vegetable lovers. For just 14 GBP, tourists can feast on a balanced three-course meal, especially prepared with the help of a nutritionist. ‘Mix and match’ is the trend here, as visitors can freely create their own salad using the freshest ingredients. Three special diets are available: gluten-free (no barley oats, wheat, rye), dairy-free, and vegetarian.

Mallorca Sightseeing

  • Caves of Drach. Back in 1878, three people got lost and almost starved to death in this 2,400-metre cave. But that piece of history doesn’t discourage thousands of visitors from flocking to this underground kingdom, where a guardian monk, rainbow chambers, and ruined castles exist—all in the form of astonishing stalactites and stalagmites! The cave leads to one of the world’s largest lakes, Lake Martel, where tourists stop for a relaxing classical serenade by string quartets on a boat.
  • Marineland. Flipper, Nemo, and Mumble welcome tourists to this celebrated Mallorca attraction. It’s not a theme park, but a marine zoo featuring dolphin and sea lion shows, a “penguinarium,” and loads of other marine treasures: sharks, turtles, and a variety of fish from the seven seas.

Mallorca Partying

  • Rock Cola Club. Free entrance, top international DJs, and affordable prices are enough reasons to party in this hip club. But while cheap food and drinks are alluring, this bar’s main temptation is its lengthy happy hour: from 8pm to 1am!
  • Poco Loco. ‘Stag’ and ‘hen’ groups meet and party in this popular club in Magaluf. Choose your own pleasure: the huge dance floor bursting with disco music, or the overflow of cheap eats and drinks.

Mallorca Shopping

  • H&M. This Swedish store was originally named “Hennes” (meaning “her” in Swedish) when it originally opened in 1947. But as it expanded, it evolved to H&M, a home of fashion for men and women, with unbelievably low prices—cheaper than in Stockholm or other major Swedish cities!

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