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There are fantastic Malagacheap flights on offer. Malaga is the capital city of the Costa del Sol, which is situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. An estimated 6 million tourist’s flock to the city each year. The city is famous for its sandy beaches and pristine golf courses. It is an ideal location for a relaxing holiday.

If you are searching for Malagacheap flights, one of the best places to start would be cheapflights.co.uk. This site is a very useful tool for getting the cheapest price available for your flight, as it compares all the airlines for a particular departure date.

There is currently a flight to Malaga, with Aer Lingus and departing from London(Gatwick) for £50.68. This flight departs on the 10th of October and returns on the 17th of October. Thompson are offering flights for £69, departing on the 20th of Sep and returning on the 27th. The flight departs from London(Gatwick).

Another useful tool in the search for cheap flights is dealchecker.co.uk.They offer a flight to Malaga for £89 with British Airways. The flight departs on Fri 13th (Sep) and returns on Fri 7th (Oct). This is a two week break option at a very reasonable price.

Malaga has something to offer everyone on a holiday. It has exquisite sandy beaches, fantastic golf courses, great nightlife and has applied to be awarded the European Culture Capital for 2016. With such cheap flights to the destination, it is a great option for a holiday this year.

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