Make Tunisia your next holiday destination

How to get there…a great place to start your Tunisia flight search is the website of British Airways. These guys operate several flights between the UK and Tunisia on a regular basis. For example, if you are travelling in July, you can find flights from London from £276 return, Manchester from £320 return and Glasgow from £318 return.

Where to stay…for a reasonably priced and comfortable hotel option, take a look at the Tulip Inn Residence Carthage. It is located on the hills of Gammarth and offers an excellent view over the Bay of Tunis. It has an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, entertainment centre with bowling alley, fitness, sauna, hammam and massage. A night in a studio room starts from £86.

What to do…if you are a beach-lover, you must visit the famous seaside resorts of Sousse, Monastir, Hammamet and Nabeul, Djerba and Tabarka. You can go windsurfing, fishing, diving, snorkelling and more! If you are a culture and history buff, make sure you see the ancient Roman, Arab, Berber or Phoenician sites, located about an hour’s drive from the beaches.

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