Majorca Average Temperatures guide for your Holiday

The island of Majorca is a real treat to visit for your holidays but can be more or less pleasant depending on the time of year you jet in. Let's take a look at the average temperatures across the calendar in Majorca.

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Majorca has a mild climate typical of most the islands in and countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This means that snow is very rare and the weather remains generally pleasant all year round.

During Winter and Spring, the weather is mostly fine and mild. Average temperatures during daytime bounce around between lows of 10 or 11 degrees celsius during the daytime and up to highs of 17 degrees in Spring. Night time temperatures average out at about 4 degrees in Winter but rarely dip below this mark.

Summers are absolutely beautiful and sun lovers are in for a great time. Daytime temperatures average out at between 27 degrees to 32 degrees in Summer and by night the temperatures remain balmy enough at between 16 and 19 degrees.

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Finally, Autumn makes for the best time to make the most of the island as temperatures are not overbearingly hot but are still nice and warm. Daytime temperatures are typically between 22 and 25 degrees from August to October while temperatures can dip as low as 6 degrees at night.

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