Top Majestic Coach Deals These Holidays

Planning a special trips is not a problem because Majestic Coach holidays has a large variety of destinations at very good prices. Majestic Tours is a family company and with 27 years in the coach tours market is the largest operator in Southern England. So, if you are arranging a trip within the UK, Ireland or Europe, here you can find a lot of interesting ideas with the best service that only the Majestic Coach holidays planning can offer. Majestic Tours have arranged these four unique holiday packages: UK & Irish, Continental, Torquay and Disneyland Paris, which are available for a value price.

UK & Irish

Majestic Tours has a programme based on everyone's likes and needs. Enjoy historic places or the luxury of a seaside resort, go to a wonderful getaway to Scotland's nicest scenery and plan a wonderful escape to the islands, or to the Warner resort.


Now, you can visit all the wonders that Europe has to offer thanks to the great coach holidays that Majestic Tours has prepared especially for you. Every programme is all-inclusive, so you won’t have to worry about a thing. And since there is no overnight travel, you can rest well in the best hotel accommodations.


Majestic Tours offers themed holidays in Torquay all year round. All holidays are 4 or 5 days long and you will stay at Templestowe, Majestic Tours Hotel.

Disneyland Paris

Everyone loves Disney and its characters and with Majestic Tours you will have the opportunity to live magical moments at the Walt Disney Studios® - Paris, Disneyland Park® and Disney Village®. Hotel packages are 2 to 4 days long and you can choose between these 3 amazing Disney hotels:

  • The Disney’s Hotel Santa Fe® (Mexican Village themed)
  • The Disney’s Hotel Cheyenne® (Wild West Town themed)
  • The Disney’s Sequoia Lodge® (rustic mountain themed )

Majestic Tours also offers 7 hot deals within UK you cannot miss. These special packages are 4 to 6 days long and are also all-inclusive. Majestic Tours not only offers all this fabulous destinations, it also thinks about your and your relatives' safety. That is why it has Majestic Insurance. Majestic Tours strongly recommends getting travel insurance coverage for continental holidays. For travels within the UK, the travel insurance cover is optional. The insurance covers 24 hours emergencies and medical services. Since you know that travelling in groups is a unique experience, Majestic Tours offers Majestic Groups. This special service offers, in almost all holiday programmes, a free place for an amount of paid passengers. If you plan a holiday within UK or abroad, Majestic Coach Tours is your best choice.

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