Magnificent Shearings Coach holidays special offers

Are you looking for a holiday? Shearing Coach Holidays with special offers could be exactly what you are looking for.

Shearings are a great company when it comes to coach holidays. Whether it be a coach holiday in the UK and Ireland or tours to Europe and beyond Shearings has it all. You can take in the many wonders of the world in the comfort of a coach seat and for magnificent prices it really is a no brainer.

If you are thinking of taking a coach holiday within the UK we bet after you read about these prices you will not hesitate to book immediately. For £219 per person you can enjoy a great time in the beautiful Cheshire and enjoy all its beautiful charms and beautiful heritage sites it has to offer. A truly great time is to be had in Cheshire so check out these special offers quickly before they are snapped up.

Alternatively if you are looking for a European coach holiday rest assured there is more great deals to be had at Shearings. You should look at the price available on a coach tour to the beautiful Switzerland. Switzerland is only a small country but has truly great things to take in from the awesome scenery, stunning lakes, railway journeys and a spectacular 'Glacier Express', it really is brilliant. Switzerland offers you memories you will never forget.This can be booked for a great price of £529 where you will have 9 days to take in all the beauty Switzerland has to offer.

You can check out these deals and many more on their website at www.shearings.com or alternatively by phone on 0844 824 6351.So waste no more time and look up Shearings Coach Holidays special offers today and see these great deals for yourself and be truly amazed.





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