Magical Markets make a great place for Christmas shopping

It has been said that no one knows how to do Christmas quite like the Germans. If you think there may be some truth in the saying you can find out by going not to Hamburg but to Birmingham! Here you’ll find the largest authentic German market in the UK and the Birmingham Frankfurt Christmas Market attracts over two million visitors a year, with more than 180 stalls spilling over with original gifts for your loved ones.

Stalls line Upper New Street and Victoria Square so that’s where you should head, and take the opportunity to taste some of the delicious German food on offer too. For dates and opening times go to birmingham.gov.uk/frankfurtmarket

Meanwhile in the capital, The Cologne Christmas Market, on London’s Southbank, is held from the 18th of November to the 24th of December, giving you plenty of time to shop for the festive season. There’s a great selection of potential gifts including hand crafted toys and you’ll find some beautiful glass tree ornaments to make the Christmas tree special this year.

The market is open seven days a week and is located on Queen’s Walk between Jubilee Gardens and the Festival Pier. There’s no entry fee if you just want to soak up the atmosphere but be prepared to be tempted.

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