Magaluf holidays 2015: Cheap Accommodation

Magaluf is a resort hotspot that makes for the perfect destination for those of you who love to party. The place is brim full of hot clubs, sandy beaches, cheap accommodation and tasty restaurants for anyone and everyone. Here are a few sample packages and places to stay that will help keep this holiday on the cheaper side.

    Rafael Ortega Díaz - Wikimedia

Magaluf Takeover Holidays offer a few different packages to this resort paradise. Packages from the UK start at just £130 and they include hotel, flights and airport transfers. For just £70, you can drop the flights and just purchase accommodation and event packages which give you party tickets as part of deal. They also have event packages so you won’t have to worry about paying separately to get into boat parties, bar crawls and clubs like BCM where you can dance the night away.

Thomson Holidays have an offer for £341 per person that includes flights and a 7 night stay at the BH Mallorca Hotel during October. This is another party hotel where you will experience great music acts, packed clubs and lively festivals throughout the year. Let’s not forget the world’s only over 18’s waterpark is located here as well for a truly unique experience!

If you are just looking for a cheap room and have no interest in purchasing a package deal, check out Hotel HM Martinique where they have basic rooms starting as low as £35 per person. You can stay in any one of the 211 apartments available and then relax by the poolside while sipping on cocktails. The hotel is also conveniently located on the buzzing strip so you are in the middle of all the action and right near the beach.

Another non-package option is the Sotavento Apartments for a reasonable nights accommodation. Rooms here start at £45 per person and include an array of poolside DJs, cheap drinks and even night security by the pool for peace of mind. It is located on a hill though making it a steep climb back from town after a long night out. It is well worth it though even if just for the exclusive pool parties that take place here every so often.

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