The Siesta Lifestyle From One of The Magaluf Apartments

Majorca is an island with natural beauty rivalled by none. Surrounded by some of the most stunning crystal clear waters in the world, Majorca is a dream holiday for many. And you can experience a holiday on this Spanish Balearic Island that takes the word 'vacation' to the next level, by booking into one of the Magaluf apartments.

Magaluf is a classy holiday resort on Majorca, and with three spotless white sand beaches, shopping areas, water parks, go-kart racing, bars, nightclubs, and more, you won't want anything more. Here, you will also be able to befriend fellow holidaymakers hailing from everywhere, and upon your departure you may even have invitations to all corners of the globe! A popular challenge for residents of Magaluf is to swim to 'Black Lizard Island', which is in the centre of Magaluf Bay, about 400 metres from land.

Not surprisingly, the island is named after its large number of scaly residents, which you will have the opportunity to meet should your swim be a success. Of course, you must explore other parts of Majorca as well. It's recommended that you hire a car for a day to do this, as the island is much bigger than expected. Don't miss out on visiting the beautiful old town of Valldemossa. Built upon a mountain range, this little town with traditional old buildings and cobblestone streets is breathtaking, and you are sure to come away with a camera full of photos.

You also must take the opportunity to drive up to Cap de Formentor, the North Eastern most point of the island, complete with a lighthouse. The view from here is amazing no matter what the weather is like, and standing on the point looking out to the deep blue sea will really make you feel on top of the world.

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