Where to find Magaluf holiday apartments

If you're longing for some sunshine and a beach, then it might be time you thought of booking yourself a holiday!

The friendly resort of Magaluf in the Balearics, is a popular place for Spanish breaks, with its clear blue sea, soft sand, sun in abundance and a lively night scene.

Holiday Apartments are a great option to get away from it all without the formality of staying at an hotel. Thanks to the wonder of the web, you can probably find what you're looking for online.

We came across a number of excellent websites advertising Magaluf Apartments. Here are a couple of the ones we found.

  • Holidaylettings.co.uk - This is a really easy to use site; either type in the precise name of the town or resort you want to go to,or take your pick from the drop-down menu. Once you get your search results,you can sort them by size of accommodation, or price, so you will be able to spot the bargains quickly! A handy sidebar offers advanced options including additional features such as swimming pool or balcony, nearby activities such as golf, tennis or water sports and whether you require special facilities for under-fives, or lift access.
  • Holiday-rentals.co.uk - Another great site which allows you to pick your price range and other preferences including pet friendly, children welcome, or wheelchair users. You can choose to view your results in a list, gallery or map, which is great if you want to get your bearings before you book. The website also has a really helpful guide to the Magaluf area, including weather, flights, things to do and places to go.

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