Madeira Holidays from Norwich Airport

Madeira holidays from Norwich airport will vary in price depending on the company you fly and book with, the season you travel in, how well you book in advance and the flexibility of your dates. As a general rule, if you want to find the cheapest possible holidays but can't allow date flexibility or change the season, you should book at least 6 months in advance to catch the best deals.

Madeira, 'the Floating Gardens'

Madeira is the Garden of Eden of Portugal, an island located 600km west of Morocco in the mid-atlantic Ocean. The scenery of the island and its volcanic mountains, combined with the vast gardens and technicolour vegetation, have given Madeira its nickname, 'The Garden of Eden'.

The island's capital, Funchal, is notorious for its old-world colonial chamr; white-eashed buildings and black-sweep churches decorate cobblestone streets the backstreet are packed with family-run taverns, which also happen to be the best place to sample some of Madeira's signature dishes.

However, the capital Funchal has a split personality; as well as the rustic old-town brimbing down the sidestreets, the city also hosts a cosmopolitan lifestyle. Some areas of Funchal has a sophisicated line of high street shops and brands, world-renowned hotels and a choice of extravagant cocktail bars amongst its restraurants.

Funchal is located 20km west of the airport. When you book flights for Madeira holidays from Norwhich airport, you may want to consider booking transport in your flights to and from your hotel, and consider flights that are within daylight hours for the distance.

Madeira Holidays: Flights from Norwich Airport

In 2011, Norwich airport extended its operation to include more airports and airlines. Funchal airport was included in this extension, and Norwhich airport now offers direct flights to Madeira.

However, like any holiday, you should consider booking at least 6 months in advance to find the best deals, and note that if you travel in high season (June until September in Madeira) your flights and accomodation, and general prices in Madeira, will be higher than usual.

Airlines and Companies

You should always shop around before booking package Madeira holidays from Norwich airport. Make good use of price comparison sites before making your selection and try to use companies that offer to beat the price of other airlines.

Some companies that provide flights to Madeira and package holidays include:

Thomson Holidays (Tomson.co.uk)

Atlantic Holidays (Atlanticholidays.net)

FirstChoice (Firstchoice.co.uk)

Co-Op (Co-operativetravel.co.uk)

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