Luzon IslandCheap Flights to Manila

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Looking for an exotic holiday this year? Read on for some information on Luzon Islandcheap flights.

Luzon Island

Luzon Island is the largest and busiest island in the Philippines and is home to the capital city of Manila. Luzon is also the name of three island groups located around this main island. The area is world famous for its lush green landscape, pristine beach and clear blue seas. It is also well known for its excellent cuisine and colourful culture. Scuba diving, swimming and hiking are just a few of the many activities tourists take part in here. The main language spoken is Tagalog but most of those living on the island can also speak English.

Cheap flights

Etihad Airways are one of the top airlines in the world. They do cheap flights from Manchester and London to Manila with a stop over in Abu Dhabi. They currently have a sale on flights from Manchester to Manila for travel between the 11th August and 10th December 2011. Return fares are just £678 which is an excellent offer.

When to travel

There are three main seasons in the Philippines. The hot, dry season or summer lasts from March to May, the rainy season lasts from June to November and the cool dry season runs from December to February. Monsoons are common from June to September so avoid going at this time if possible. The coolest month is January with temperatures around 21 degrees and the hottest month is May with average temperatures around 32 degrees.

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