Luxury Hotels in Tokyo

Spectacular sights, cutting-edge technology, and a rich and intriguing culture make Japan a dream destination. The capital, Tokyo, is home to towering avant-garde buildings, excellent transportation, and luxury hotels.

One such hotel is Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills. Decorated in dark, shadowy tones, the dimly lit Japanese interior evokes a mysterious yet welcoming atmosphere. Choose from a range of rooms to suit your needs, all of which have 32-inch flat screen televisions and Internet access. You can even catch your favourite shows on the 13-inch television while enjoying a relaxing bath.

There are many restaurants in the Grand Hyatt, all boasting original design, authentic cooking, and quality service. Enjoy regional Japanese food at Shunbou, Italian fare at Fiorentina,French seasonal cuisine at The French Kitchen Brasserie & Bar, and traditional Chinese dishes at Chinaroom. If you’re wanting to party the night away, head to Maduro on the fourth floor or The Oak Door Bar on the sixth floor.

Four Seasons Hotel in Marunouchi is another luxury hotel that offers spacious rooms and elegant suites with modern amenities. Dine at the sophisticated restaurant with a view of the city, and enjoy a spa that offers the traditional Onsen bath.

De-stress at the Four Seasons Spa where you can avail of Kenzoki treatments, a sensual massage matched with the use of Kenzoki products, a well-known local brand nourishing and rejuvenating the body and face. Loosen up with Raku, an oil-free massage that relieves muscular tension. Other facilities include the steam sauna and Japanese scrub showers.

Other Tokyo hotels you can book a stay in are the InterContinental Tokyo Bay, the Dai-ichi Hotel, and the Akasaka Prince Hotel.

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