Luxury Hotels in Switzerland

Amid snow-capped mountains and crystal-clear lakes, Switzerland stands out with its postcard-perfect beauty. Switzerland hotels mirror the country's unique elegance and contribute greatly to your Switzerland holiday.

Book a stay at the Splendide Royal Hotel in Lugano, a fine example of a classic luxury hotel. Built in Venetian style, the presidential suite features high ceilings, a spectacular crystal chandelier, and 19th-century paintings of the Swiss landscape. Most of the rooms have amazing views of the lake, along with amenities such as cable television and Internet access.

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Take a relaxing dip in the large indoor pool with its water heated at a constant temperature of 28°C. The solarium and saunas offer soothing delights.

Offering first-class service and facilities is Solis Cambrian Hotel & Spa, tucked in a traditional village in the Swiss Alps. This hotel has a magnificent view of the Swiss countryside, and you can try outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and biking.

The hotel rooms are luxurious, accentuated by contemporary pieces, plasma televisions, and balconies that allow a breathtaking view of the mountains.

Food buffs will love Nova Restaurant with its exceptional Italian menu and a stunning view of the nearby mountains and waterfalls. If you're into fine wine, a huge selection awaits at Scott's Bar.

Other Switzerland hotels are Palace Hotel Luzern, Bellevue Palace Hotel, and Beau Rivage Palace Lausanne.

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