Luxury Hotels in Sharm el-Sheikh

Flanked by majestic mountains and the legendary Red Sea, Sharm el-Sheikh provides an incredible beach backdrop to make your next holiday memorable. Sitting at the tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Sharm el-Sheikh is a blend of striking scenery, lively nightclubs, and luxury hotels.

Four Seasons Hotel in Four Seasons Boulevard offers year-round comfort with its classy rooms and suites. The royal suite has carpeted floors, huge cushion seats, scented candles, and a view of the Red Sea. If you're bringing the whole family, stay at the deluxe Gezira suite with its rich Middle Eastern décor, and overlooking the Red Sea, the resort and its sculpted gardens.

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Relax at the Daniela Steiner Beauty and Wellness Spa. Try the Pharaonic massage, a strong yet relaxing massage once given only to Egyptian royalty. The wonderful blend of aromatic poultices, fresh chamomile and mint dipped in jasmine and rose oils is a sure-fire formula for soothing your tired muscles and nourishing your skin. Other body treatments, facial treatments, and salon services are available, too.

Another nice getaway on your Sharm el-Sheikh holiday is Sonesta Beach Resort and Casino, set in the sands of Naama Bay, facing towards the desert and mountains of Sinai. This hotel has 11 restaurants, each one featuring a unique theme. Feast on continental and Egyptian fare in the Citadel dining room, which serves breakfast and themed dinner buffet. Enjoy a refreshing tropical drink at Seabreeze Beach Restaurant and Bar, or while the night away in Club 2001 “Le Dunes,” with its wide selection of cocktails.

Other Sharm el-Sheikh hotels are Garden Reef Resort, Fantazia Hotel, and Falcon Al Diar Resort.

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