Try Parador hotels for luxury family holidays in Spain

For unforgettable luxury family holidays, Spain has the ideal chain of luxury hotels. The Paradors are converted historical palaces, castles or mansions, equipped with all the modern facilities you would expect of a luxury hotel. With some of the most dramatic settings in Spain, you have the opportunity to stay in regal splendour.

The finest Paradors in Spain

There are numerous superb Paradors to choose from for your luxury family holidays in Spain but some are exceptional.

Santillana Del Mar

In Santillana Del Mar in the northern region of Cantabria, the Parador is one of Spain's most luxurious. Built in the imposing yellow stone that characterises the town, it's popular with visitors from Madrid at weekends, but quieter in midweek. The restaurant serves excellent Cantabrian cuisine, with fresh seafood a speciality


The Ducal Palace of Lerma in Burgos is an elegant 17th century building that makes a perfect base for exploring this area of Castile. Burgos is situated on the pilgrimage route to Santiago De Compostela and has a wealth of medieval buildings along with some decent tapas bars and restaurants.


For fans of modernist architecture, the brand new Parador Atlantico in Cadiz brings cutting-edge Spanish design to Spain's most famous sea port. Its clean white lines accentuate light and space. The spectacular ocean views, spa area and luxury restaurants are supplemented by dedicated children's areas making it an ideal family choice.


In Cardona in Catalonia, a 9th century fortress overlooking a headland has been converted into a magnificent luxury hotel. While kids will marvel at the edifice and the views over the sea, parents will appreciate a stylish restaurant serving up innovative Catalan cuisine.

Look for special offers

You may be prepared to pay some hefty prices for luxury family holidays in Spain, but occasionally it is possible to enjoy luxury at a bargain rate. Paradors offer some special rates for midweek stays or for out-of-season visits. Packages for stays of several nights can also be discounted occasionally. Check the website for the latest deals.

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