Luxury family holidays in Greece

Greece is visited by many tourists every year, and that's no wonder - it's a beautiful country full of history. Many visitors are attracted to the Greek islands, but the mainland has a lot to offer as well. It's a great choice for family holidays, romantic breaks or just a relaxing getaway. Here we look at luxury family holidays in Greece.

Luxury in Greece

If you are planning luxury family holidays in Greece, accommodation and location are key. Here are a few of our favourite luxurious places to stay while in Greece.

Luxurious – Cleo villa, Kanalia

The Cleo villa is located in Kanalia, 2km from the beach, 4km from the nearest town and 6km from the nearest airport. It is a beautiful villa in a beautiful location, with three bedrooms - two doubles and a twin. The villa can accommodate six guests, so it's perfect for a family. It is air conditioned (important for those hot summer months!) and also has internet, a private pool and an alfresco dining area. It is available for around £3,700 per week.

Super luxurious – Astra villa, Santorini

The Astra villa is beautifully decorated and offers some amazing views. The villa comes with a rental car, which is a great way to get out and see more of the country. It has a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, and everything else you would expect from a luxury villa. They can also arrange a driver, security guard and butler if you need. The three bedroom villa is available for around £6,700 per week.

Mega luxurious- Royal Spa Villa, Zakynthos

This two bedroom villa is stunning. It comes with private parking, a private pool and even a private beach. Included in the price is a bottle of champagne, maid service, pool keeper and security guard. They can also arrange car rental, (recommended), a private chef and kids' entertainment. It is available for around £20,000 per week.

Accommodation in Greece

When planning luxury family holidays in Greece, there is much to choose from when it comes to accommodation. There are many different locations and styles of family villas and apartments. Take your time when weighing up options and you will find your perfect holiday rental to suit all your family's needs and budget.

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