Luxurious Monaco Holidays

Bask in luxury in Monaco, a haven of the rich and famous. This tiny city-state glitters with unparalleled splendour and opulence that captivates tourists on a Monaco holiday.

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One of Monaco’s most beautiful gardens, Princess Grace Rose Garden features striking rose bushes planted in intersecting walkways. It was opened in June 18, 1984, and since then, loads of tourists have flocked to the garden just to see its 4,000 colourful rose plants and delightful trees. Some of the plants are masterpieces by the world’s foremost rose specialists. Also in the park is a statue of Princess Grace surrounded by the lovely flowers.

If London has Buckingham Palace, Monaco has Palais Princier (Prince’s Palace). The changing of the guards (Carabiniers) at 11:55 am is a must-see. Now the home of the Prince of Monaco, the palace was once a Genoese fortress, the stronghold of the renowned Grimaldi family. The palace displays a remarkable white and beige façade, with intricate sculptures and stone carvings. Set against a backdrop of rocky promontory and natural harbour of Monaco, the palace offers tourists panoramic sea views.

Travellers who love marine life will delight in the world-renowned Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium. A monumental architectural masterpiece perched 85 metres above the sea, the museum houses the skeleton of a 20-metre whale, Prince Albert’s laboratory ship models, and sea craft made from materials harvested from the sea. Prince Albert I’s oceanographic works entitled “Career of a Navigator” are exhibited on the first floor.

4,000 species of fish, including notorious piranhas, greet tourists on a Monaco holiday in the Oceanographic Aquarium. A magnificent display of the Mediterranean and tropical marine ecosystem, it features a shark lagoon, which has a simulated coral reef ecosystem. Guests can marvel at incredible underwater shots at the ground floor and enjoy lunch in the La Terrasse restaurant at the top floor, which offers great views of the Principality of Monaco and the Italian Riviera.

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