Lush hotels in Venice

If you’re shopping for holidays and you’re dead set on heading to Venice (a fine place to go for the great views, boats, art and coffee) then have a think about budget travel; because while flights to the stunning city can be fairly low cost, hotels can be 100% luxury.

Kuoni offer some excellent deals on Venice accomodation, as do Atlantis Travel who specialise in luxury trips to the famous city. Amongst others they recommend the Cipriani Hotel, a stunning, Caneletto inspired retreat which boasts views of "a beautiful watery cityscape across the Venetian lagoon, the campanile of St Mark’s and the magnificent Doges’ Palace on the horizon."

There are also plenty of hostels and real budget options for travellers in Venice. Try Hostels Club who have lots of advice and recommendations for hostels, hotels and tips for getting around the city (without having to re-mortgage your gondola.)

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