Lush Edinburgh hotels, bonny prices

Edinburgh! A vibrant, shining northern outpost of the United Kingdom and the jewel in the Scottish crown. Edinburgh, if you haven’t been before is prettier than a Thornton’s birthday cake with more to do than J-Lo’s concierge service (which is a lot). It bubbles with culture and squeaks with elegance, so in a homage to a much loved city here are three of its best hotels.

The first is the Channings Hotel. Five period townhouses have been conjoined to form a discerning and welcoming facade. Not only is the service always impeccable, it's also warm and cosy (very important what with the freezing Scottish climate.) The best rooms to stay in are the Shackleton suites on the top floor.

Second is The Tigerlily Hotel. Owned by a motley crew called the Montpellier group the Tigerlily is the latest offering in boutiquelicious design heavy hotels in Edinburgh. It’s quite a large gaff (and so are the prices) but there is good reason that the Tigerlily bar and restaurant is always packed, and that is that the quality (thankfully) does reflect the price. The rooms are decked out in a trendy pale wood and metal which gives it a very style conscious sheen.

And now for the piece de resistence. Prestonfield Hotels never fail to impress and the Edinburgh contingent is no exception to a rule we just made up. In 2005 the Prestonfield was named hotel of the year by the AA and since being awarded the accolade has gone from strength to strength. Gillian Thompson calls it ‘a baroque extravaganza where more is definitely more’ and he couldn’t be more correct if he tried.

Set not far from Edinburgh’s swankiest shopping district but keeping an idyllic demeanour about it mind, the >Prestonfield has four types of suite to offer guests including two types of luxury double; the Franklin suite and the Ramsay Suite (not after Gordon), and it isn’t really that expensive either. Prices range from £85 per night though they’re always running special offers on meals and overnight stays so keep an eye out. All the rooms are different and individually designed which is great in that it gives guests the feeling their stay is exactly like no one else’s.

Now that’s the interior dealt with what about the outside? Well, its 14 acres of ground are home to Helian cattle, and the stunning 17th century building is a credit to old fashioned construction; it's still intact in all its original glory. Seriously stay in this place if you get the chance, it’s a large piece of interesting history and a sumptuous slice of shameless self pampering. Can't say fairer than that.

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