Lured by Lima: A Guide to Your Holidays

16th century Spanish explorers called it the “City of Kings.” Peru’s capital, Lima, is today a metropolis by the Pacific Ocean, as well as a treasury of the country’s past. Once the seat of the mighty Incan empire, Lima is now a beguiling place for a holiday.

The allure of Lima begins in its old mansions, churches, and temples. Pachacamac by San Pedro beach is a complex dedicated to the god of the same name, who had control over earthquakes and who created time and space. The Incas used to gather here to learn about their future, and to offer gifts to the gods. Another majestic ruin is the Pucllana Huaca, an adobe brick pyramid which used to be an Incan ceremonial and administrative centre in 400 A.D. There is a museum where you can see artefacts from excavations made on the site.

The historic centre of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is another prime spot for a holiday. The Archbishop Palace has chocolate-coloured cedar balconies on a rock façade, with light trickling through its stained glass ceiling. From Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro to this day’s Peruvian President, the Government Palace has been the residence of Peru’s rulers. Decorated in French Baroque style, it was built over an ancient burial ground and a shrine to a pre-Hispanic divinity.

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In the middle of it all is Plaza Mayor, with its characteristic bronze, ornamental fountain. The University Park, Lima Cathedral, and Torre Tagle Palace are other sights to see, as well as the excellently preserved balconies. Experience Lima’s beauty in a different light when night falls, or head to a local party enlivened by the sound of guitars and percussions.

A Lima holiday isn’t complete without a trip to the museums. Museo Nacional de Antropologia y Arqueologia is home to various interesting exhibits narrating the story of Peru. There is even a collection of human remains from pre-Hispanic times.

Top off a holiday in Lima by sampling Peruvian food, such as ceviche, raw fish with lemon juice and chili, and picarones, doughnuts made from pumpkin and sweet potato then dipped in sugar cane syrup.

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