Lowest price holidays; great deals right here!

Nothing is better than getting the lowest price holidays. All the money you don't spend on tickets and accommodation goes straight into your pocket to enjoy the trip. Getting a holiday for the lowest possible cost is very important, that is why we have found a couple of great holidays for you to consider.

The 'Low Cost Holiday' website is the first place that you need to go. In fact, everything we have found was found using Low Coast Holiday. It is very easy to use and only takes seconds to get everything in ordr.

The first holiday we have found is 7 nights in Egypt staying at the 3 star Luna Sharm hotel. This is a holiday for two and the return flights are included. All of this came to under £500! 7 nights in Egypt, mid-July for less than £500 is a truly spectacular deal so be sure to check that out.

The next holiday is again in mid-July but this time it is a family all inclusive holiday. Three kids and two adults flying from London to the Costa Del Sol and staying at The Aparthotel Roc El Pinar. This is a a beautiful 3 star hotel all again for under £500, kids included! You really will not find better deals than this anywhere else.

Hit up the Low Cost Holiday website and get your holidays in order. There are some amazing deals to take advantage of so be sure to check it out. We guarantee you will find the lowest price holidays online!


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