Low-cost Tanzania Hotels

There’s nothing wild about Tanzania’s low-cost hotels. Clean, cosy, and well-located, they provide excellent lodging for visitors on Tanzania holidays.

Tucked among bougainvillea and frangipani is AMEG Lodge Kilimanjaro. Minimalistic rooms have an African flavour and completely furnished with satellite television, Internet connections, and air conditioning. Resting at the foot of the mountain by the same name, this Tanzania budget hotel allows its guests to commune with nature, with each suite having its own veranda looking out into the gardens. The staff of AMEG Lodge can also arrange a 4x4 safari, a trekking activity, or a beach trip for visitors.

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The Al Uruba Hotel is a small, cosy affair which offers clean, air conditioned rooms, and friendly service. Water, television, and clean linen are all available at an extra fee. Located right in the middle of the streets of Kariakoo, the hotel is just a block away from the popular Kariakoo Market. There is also an inexpensive restaurant on the second floor.

Visitors may wonder how Palm Beach Hotel got its name, because it’s not by the beach. When it was built in 1954, there was nothing to separate it from the seashore 200 metres away. Today the city of Dar Es Salaam has risen all around this pleasant little art deco building, but the hotel continues to provide great value for visitors. The hotel sits on the city’s main road, easily accessible, and walking distance to the town centre. It’s also within easy reach of a golf course and tennis club.

Other low-cost choices are Amans Paradise Hotel, Mikadi Beach Lodge, and Mediterraneo Hotel, all in Dar Es Salaam.

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