Low-cost Hotels in Utrecht

Visiting Utrecht is like travelling back in time. Steeped in history, this Dutch province has many ancient buildings and structures, preserved since the time they were built. The cost of living seems to have been frozen in time, too, as the unbelievably low prices of these Utrecht hotels demonstrate.

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178 years of history emanate from the walls of the Stayokay Hostel, a budget accommodation in Bunnik. Situated in the forest near the banks of the Kromme Rijn, it is characterised by its traditional architecture dating back to 1830. It has three buildings, the largest of which can accommodate up to 80 people. Guests can unwind in the bar, which has French doors that lead to a terrace with a charming view. One building, the In de Bongerd, offers guests leisure activities in its recreation room and terrace. Other hotel facilities include a restaurant, non-smoking rooms, barbecue facilities, and activities such as hiking, canoeing, and table tennis.

An ideal choice for young backpackers and art lovers, B&B Utrecht is a low-cost youth hostel with loads of freebies and unique facilities. With its low rates, guests can enjoy a free buffet breakfast that’s available 24 hours a day, lunch bag, and dinner. Kitchen and cooking facilities are available at no extra cost, as well as Internet access for PCs and Macs. The hotel is home to extraordinary furniture designed by Rietveld and Phillip Starck, as well as Mondriaan paintings. A movie collection including documentaries about Mondriaan, Rietveld, and Theo van Doesburg are also available. Music lovers can delight in the hotel’s music corner, which houses a wide selection of instruments including a harp, didgeridoo, djambe, and the usual percussion and string instruments.

Another budget hotel in Utrecht is Hello B&B, a low-priced accommodation centrally located in Utrecht. It is known for its homey ambiance, and it offers clean and well-appointed rooms. A continental breakfast is included in the affordable rates. Guests can enjoy other facilities such as WiFi Internet and colour televisions.

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