Low-cost Hotels in Santiago

Set against the snow-capped mountains of Chile, Santiago is a modern city with a distinct air of the past. It is not a place to be merely explored; it is to be experienced. Many consider the capital of Chile as an ideal place to live in, and travellers won’t have a hard time finding a suitable budget hotel here.

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Hotel Plaza Londres is a low-cost hotel tucked in the historic hub of the city, in Paris Londres colonial district. It dates back to the 18th century, and today sports a traditional European style built by the Franciscan monks in 1923. Rooms exude a distinct old charm with their antique lamps and old paintings. Internet and Wifi facilities are included in these affordable rooms, along with complimentary breakfast and other standard amenities. Nearby attractions include Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Avenue, the Colonial Art Museum, and National Library.

Offering a homey atmosphere in Providencia is Marilu’s Bed & Breakfast, a budget accommodation owned by a statistics consultant who speaks English, Spanish, and French. From the hotel, guests can stroll through the Bellavista neighbourhood, where hints of French art, culture, and architecture are abundant. A craft shop, San Cristobal Hill, and restaurants and pubs are other points of interest.

Bellavista Hostel in Barrio Bellavista is a favourite of online bookers among Santiago hotels. Steel beds with duvets in all the rooms, private balconies, and safety boxes guarantee guests a safe and comfortable stay.

Guests can have rounds of fun in the games room, or enjoy a game of foosball and pool. Sun decks are available, where one can chill out with a bottle of beer or a glass of wine. Bellavista Hotel is located close to bars and nightclubs, markets, and ATM machines.

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