Low-cost Hotels in Macedonia

A hotel and restaurant in one, Dal Met Fu is well-located in the main square of Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. Each stylish room is decked in white and red, and features romantic lighting, an extensive audio system, Internet connection, and Jacuzzi as part of the package. It earns top marks for value and cleanliness. The complimentary breakfasts get glowing reviews, too.

Five-star hotels do not always come at five-star prices. Villa Germanoff in Ohrid, for example, is a luxurious lodging done in Bidermayer style. It is a cosy retreat in the midst of mediaeval churches, with a tranquil view of the lake. The owners are particularly friendly and accommodating.

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Funky furnishings reminiscent of The Jetsons make Hotel Lagadin, also in Ohrid, a fun place to stay. Lakeside rooms with private terraces provide spectacular views.

Experience ambience like never before in Hotel Tivoli in Tetovo, a town named after the legendary Teto, the hero who banished snakes from the region. Chandeliers, pillars, and staircases can be found within the rooms, while miniature sailboats, ornate chairs, and a stone fireplace dominate the bar. A variety of cheeses, jellies, and fruit are served for breakfast. Socialise with the locals during lunch and dinner at the spacious restaurant.

History is part of the charm of four-star Hotel Millenium. Designed in Baroque style, it is in the middle of Sirok Sokak in Bitola, with its old houses, National Theatre, and Clock Tower, said to have been fortified by the Turks with 60,000 eggs mixed into the mortar. Saunas and Jacuzzis are available in this Macedonia hotel, providing modern conveniences to visitors while they experience the past.

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