Low-cost Hotels in Macau

The “Las Vegas of Asia” features some of the world’s most glamorous hotels, but also has some hidden gems tucked away for travellers on a budget. Here are some of Macau’s budget hotels.

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In Macau’s city centre, close to historical sites and tourist facilities, is Augusters Lodge, a hostel excellent for big groups and families. The general post office is just a two-minute walk away, while banks and money changers are within three minutes by foot. Macau’s famous landmark, the Ruins of St. Paul’s, is also conveniently situated nearby. The lodge offers dormitories and rooms with Internet access and TVs with video players.

Metropole Hotel is highly recommended for holiday-makers on a budget. It has 112 sound-proof rooms, and the Metropole fast food centre which serves Chinese dim sum, Cantonese fare, assorted congees, and noodles. Guests can enjoy traditional cuisine with non-stop music at the Chinese night club.

A three-star hotel in the heart of Porto Exterior, Kingsway Hotel offers a homey atmosphere matched with quality service. Striking views of Macau and Taipa Island can be seen from the hotel, which is a three-minute drive away from the Macau Pier. Rooms provide ultimate comfort and entertainment with in-room movies and a well-stocked refrigerator. Other hotel facilities include a sidewalk café offering Portuguese and Oriental delights, and Club de Macau, a night club where guests can unwind.

Sintra Hotel is among the Macau hotels that offer first-rate facilities at affordable prices. A three-star accommodation in the heart of Macau, the hotel features a 24-hour steakhouse which dishes up local Macanese, Portuguese, Western, and Asian delicacies. Conference rooms and business centres equipped with full secretarial services, Internet access, and fax machines are available for business travellers.

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