Low-cost Hotels in Jordan

Life may not come cheap in Jordan, but budget travellers will still be able to get by in this Arab country with its slew of budget hotels.

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For a very minimal price, tourists on a Jordan holiday can relax with loads of facilities at the Sun Rise Hotel in Amman. Take a refreshing swim in the outdoor pool, or enjoy picturesque views at the hotel’s rooftop. Seeing the city is a breeze with the hotel’s travel desk, “one of the most professional tour organisers in Jordan.” Trips to desert castles, the celebrated tourist attraction Petra, and North Jordan, including Jordan River and Palestine, are offered. Other travel services include therapeutic tours, religious excursions, and scientific trips for students.

A good bargain in Dana City is Dana Hotel, located in Dana Village, which is home to the impressive Dana Nature Reserve and the preserved remains of early settlements here. From the hotel, guests can see the dramatic Wadi Dana, famous for its natural canyon and breathtaking sunsets. When night sets in, an overflow of traditional Arab food and music entertains guests, coupled with dancing under the Bedouin tent on the rooftop. The hotel has private and dormitory rooms, as well as Internet service. Breakfast is included in the hotel’s affordable rates.

Black Iris Hotel in Mandaba may be a low-cost hotel, but its elegant design can rival those of luxury accommodations. This privately-owned hotel features 15 rooms with en suite bathrooms, and a restaurant serving traditional and international dishes. Guests can easily explore historic attractions from the hotel, including St. George Church and Madaba Museum.

Valentine Inn in Petra especially caters to travellers on a budget. Perched 200 metres from the city centre, it overlooks the Petra Mountain, allowing guests to enjoy striking sunsets from their rooms. A dinner buffet is available in the hotel, which includes a variety of salad, soup, chicken, pasta, and Jordan dishes. Free transport to and from the Petra ruins are offered.

Other Jordan hotels that are easy on the pocket are Mussa Spring Hotel in Petra, Palace Hotel in Amman, and Tower Hotel in Dana.

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