Low-cost Hotels in Cancun

On Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula stands the coastal city of Cancun, known to the rest of the world as a prime tourist resort. Cancun’s Hotel Zone is home to numerous luxury beach hotels, but the less crowded downtown area hosts several budget hotels for travellers yearning for a fun but inexpensive Caribbean experience.

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Cancun Plaza Condo Hotel is a three-star budget accommodation that sits directly on the beach, in stark contrast to the more expensive hotels in the same area. Enjoy views of the beach from the ocean view rooms, swim in the pool, or feast on Caribbean specialties at the Palapa Bar. Visiting the city’s attractions is easy with the hotel’s 24-hour service, and water sports facilities guarantee fun on the beach. With Cancun Plaza’s promo, guests can stay for 14 nights at the hotel and only pay for 12 nights.

Health buffs will love Hotel Xbalamque Resort & Spa in downtown Cancun for its wide range of health and fitness facilities and affordable price. Stretch to the limit with some yoga or engage in a pilates workout, then relax with the Mayan Temazcal, a pre-Hispanic bath rooted in traditional healing methods, meant to purify both body and soul. A pool and bar are also available for guests who wish to unwind. Tastefully designed with a Mayan theme, Xbalamque is conveniently located near shopping centres, clubs, and restaurants.

Cancun Inn El Patio in downtown Mexico offers an old hacienda setting and the “best value for travellers.” Taking pride in its security, this hotel is a good choice for women travelling alone. Visiting exotic cenotes, taking a jungle boat ride, and exploring ancient Maya sites are just some of the many activities here.

Other Cancun hotels to choose from are Hotel Margaritas, Hotel Plaza Kokai, and Hotel Tankah.

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