Low-cost Hotels in Boston

The cost of living in Boston may have overtaken most American cities, but a holiday in the Cradle of Modern America doesn’t have to be expensive, as these low-cost hotels demonstrate.

Enjoy “Yankee hospitality” in a historic Boston hotelConstitution Inn, which holds the title “Boston’s Best Affordable Inn.” It’s located in Charlestown, part of the famed Freedom Trail, an area which used to be a settlement of English Puritans. Many of the buildings in the area date back to that period in America’s past. Constitution Inn, though, has a modern fitness centre with a sauna and massage services.

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Copley House is a great bargain in central Boston. Choose from among the charming apartments with red brick facades. Studios in varying sizes can accommodate everyone from single travellers to families, all at a very low cost. These homey lodgings come with kitchenettes, bathrooms, and Internet connections.

Holiday Inn Express Boston comes highly recommended by its patrons. With Simply Smart™ beddings and bathrooms, every detail is meticulously managed, including the choice of soft or firm pillows, triple bed-sheets, and Kohler® showerheads with excellent water pressure. Complimentary buffet breakfast includes this Boston hotel’s signature cinnamon rolls.

“Go HoJo” at Howard Johnson Inn in Fenway Park, an ideal spot for those off to watch a Boston Red Sox game. Visitors can engage in some action of their own by swimming laps in the outdoor pool, or enjoy a wide range of TV channels. Then try the meals at Longhorn Steakhouse or Thorntons Grill. This Boston hotel has earned rave reviews for its excellent value and friendly staff.

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