Low-cost Flights to Oslo

Descend upon the “meadow of the gods” on these low-cost flights to Europe’s most efficient airport in 2007, Oslo Airport. The main hub of Norway has made sustainable development its top priority, and the airport authorities do their best to minimise the environmental impact of its flights especially on the fragile ecosystems surrounding the airport.

Making rounds from here to Birmingham, Edinburgh, and London is Norwegian Air Shuttle, providing low-cost Oslo flights since 2002. Safety is the priority, with personnel taking regular seminars on the topic, and practising emergency drills frequently. Planes are Boeing 737-300s, which have a 148-passenger capacity. They also allow passengers to bring their own food on, board, helping them save.

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“There’s no better way to fly” than with Lufthansa and its Economy Basic Class, which allows travellers to fly on a budget. Convenience is another bonus, as Lufthansa has Oslo flights from most UK cities, including Aberdeen, Jersey, and Teesside. The Lufthansa experience involves personal backseat screens, entertainment on-demand, and meals by award-winning chefs. Lufthansa invites passengers to contribute to fighting climate change, and aids projects which reduce greenhouse gases.

British Airways provides Oslo flights to and from London. BA is another leader in caring for nature, and it uses only products which maintain high ecological standards, and develops innovations to decrease air, water, and noise pollution. Reducing and recycling waste are also BA’s concern. Inexpensive Oslo flights are offered on BA’s Premium Economy Class, World Traveller Plus. Two pieces of hand baggage, personal seatback monitors, and reclining seats with adjustable headrests and leg rests are among the benefits. Kids will enjoy the trip with their Skyflyers activity packs, varying to fit different age groups.

Flying to Moss Airport Rygge, near Oslo, is another option.

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