Low cost villas in Portugal are a great way to save money

Low cost villas in Portugal are excellent accomodation for couples, families and groups of friends. Portugal has something for everyone and staying in a villa with make it that extra bit special.

www.holidaylettings.co.uk are the UK's number one letting agency for holiday homes worldwide so make sure and check out their website for some fabulous deals. For example this company offers a luxury villa in Albufeira from just £316 per week and sleeps up to seven people. Therefore great for large groups of friends wanting a top quality location for a cheap budget. This villa is a brand new town house and is close to town where you will find many shops, bars and restaurants. The villa has a large swimming pool and all rooms are air-conditioned at no extra charge. On the website videos of the accomodation are also shown so there are no surprise charges. This villa really is something else.

The website has 2497 villas to offer in just the Algarve alone so the perfect villa is waiting for you at a low cost.

Another great site for low cost villas in Portugal is www.villaplus.com. This site has a secluded villa available in the Algarve with 3 bedrooms, a heated pool and air conditioned or heated rooms. This little gem is availble for one week on the 20th of October for just £550.

Low cost villas in Portugal are the way to go if you are looking for that something special this year so why not treat yourself, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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