Low Cost Vancouver Flights

Vancouver hosts the Winter Olympics in 2010, and athletes, tourists, winter sports enthusiasts, and all other visitors will find themselves converging on Vancouver International Airport. If the airport is any indication of what to expect, then visitors are in for a fun time on their Vancouver holiday. Shops abound, offering apparel, food, gifts, travel accessories, and official Vancouver merchandise. Fine dining and casual dining restaurants, fastfood outlets, coffee shops, and bars provide dining options. Banks, spas, and even a four-diamond AAA are conveniently located to cater to travellers’ needs.

Low-cost Vancouver flights are available from London-Gatwick on Air Transat, a low-cost Canadian airline that flies between the North and Central America during the summer, and between Canada and Europe during the winter months. They serve one in-flight meal and breakfast or a snack, depending on the time of day. Water, tea, coffee, sodas, and juices are free, but they charge for demineralised water, additional snacks, gourmet coffee, and alcoholic drinks. Passengers can choose from a broad selection of in-flight audio and video entertainment by purchasing a reusable headset at minimal cost.

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British Airways flies to Vancouver from London-Heathrow Airport. "Airline of the Year" in 2006 (World Airline Awards), BA has been cruising the skies since World War I. Book a seat in World Traveller economy class, and get value for your money, as well as stress-free air travel. You won’t sacrifice comfort either, with the planes’ ergonomic seats, blankets, cushions, and socks.

Other airlines offering Vancouver flights are bmi and Air China International.

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