Available Low Cost Holidays Promotion Code for 2011

Low Cost Holidays is an online travel agent known and recognized for offering very competitive prices for their holiday packages. It has a large list of possible destinations that covers the whole world as well as hotels, flights, and city break deals. Here's how you can save even more money by using the Low Cost Holidays promotion code available for 2011.

Promotion Code 2011

The low coast holidays promotion code 2011 is provided at vouchercodes.co.uk/lowcostholidays.com. It is a specialized page in everything related to holiday travels. It gathers a list of the most convenient travel agents from which it gets promotional codes and vouchers. There are different kinds of promotional codes, each one with their own benefits and conditions. You should take in consideration that each promotion code has a scheduled date of expiration since new codes are released every week. Here are some of the codes currently available.

Discount on Holiday Booking

Voucherscodes.co.uk offers a 20% discount for any holiday bookings at low cost holidays. Just two restrictions apply: it cannot be used with any other offer or promotional code. Also, it is only available for groups of minimum 2 people who will have to stay a minimum of two nights. The code is VCC20JULY. In order to use it, you have to enter lowcostholidays.com and insert it when you reach the check-out, at the booking process. It is only available from July 1st to July 17th.

Discount on Inclusive Holidays Orders

Voucherscodes.co.uk has another promotion code for a 35% discount on inclusive holiday orders. The code is 35OFFAI and it is only available for July. You cannot use it with another voucher code and it is only valid for a minimum stay of two nights in the destination of your choice.

Discount on Family Flights

If you are planning on spending a family holidays, this promotion code will be very useful to you. It consists of a 30% discount on family flights and accommodation orders at lowcostholidays.com. It is valid for one adult with one child as a minimum and it is mandatory that you stay for at least 7 nights in your destination. The code is 30FAMILY and it is available for the whole month of July. Enter it in the checkout of the booking process.

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