Looking for low cost flight from Dublin to Pescara Italy

Leave the rainy Irish Summer behind you and head off to Italy this Summer beacause if there was ever a year that we need a break from it all it is this year. We are going to show you the best value low cost flight from Dublin to Pescara Italy available but before that, here is a bit of information about Pescara. Pescara is a very popular fishing town in the city of Abruzzo, Italy. This town has a reputation for being a non-stop party town during the summer months so it might be a more suitable holiday for a group of friends rather than a family with children. During the summer most of the partying is done by the coast where the bars are heaving but by winter the party has moved to the Corso Manthonè.

Some of these places are still open come the morning time and will start serving food once it becomes light again. It really is the perfect place for a young group of friends. During the day there is shopping to be done and the best fashion shops are located at the Corso Vittorio Emanuele II and Via Nicola Fabrizi. If you want to go on a day trip while you are there, there are small towns and markets and festivals not too far away and the mountain range known as the Sleeping Beauty has beautiful scenery. Below are the best low cost flight from dublin to pescara italy.

Due to the difficulty of flying there the cost goes up and rumbo.com have the best offer at £1,090 for return flights with one stopover and all taxes included. These prices are during peak season however.

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