Love is in the air in Morocco and Prague

Ah, Prague. Snowflakes blowing across the Charles Bridge, music recitals in candelit churches, underground bars, firelit restaurants serving huge plates of comfort food and fine red wines...Oh, and all that God-awful Valentine's mush you’ve got to put yourself through for one night of the year in order to get some peace for the rest of it.

Sip cocktails among the beautiful people at Tretters (V Kolkovne 3), or plunder the impressive wine cellar at Monarch (Na Perstyne 15), before dinner at Nostress (Dusni 10), an elegant fusion restaurant. Check out citiesdirect.co.uk

Morocco: there's something hugely romantic about disappearing through an unmarked door in the medina into a coolly elegant hotel or ornately tiled cafe. And then something delightful about slipping back through said door on your own and grabbing a pint. Many of the riads in Marrakech have roof terraces where you can laze together, glass of wine in hand, watching the sun set over the rooftops, while the hustle and bustle carries on in the streets below.

If you need to do some serious making up, stay at the elegant Riad Kniza. The owner, Mohammed Bouskri, has 50 years of guiding experience, and hundreds of tales to tell, which will save you from making conversation while you miss the football. Check out prestigeholidays.co.uk

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