Lounger wars

If you've ever had a fight with a burly German by the pool trying to nick off with your sun lounger because he 'has left his bottle of sunlotion there at 5am yah', then you'll be peeved to know that German holiday makers are now being given the option of booking their sun loungers in advance.

The German branch of Thomas Cook has cashed in on the fact that German tourists are as crafty as they come at the art of bagging morning sun loungers (much to the annoyance of other tourists) and now they will no longer have to rise at the crack of dawn to pop their towel on a lounger only to go back to sleep or stroll off for a lengthy breakfast.

German tourists are being offered the booking service at nine hotels in the Canary Islands, Turkey, and Egypt. Unsurprisingly the service has thusfar been inundated with inquiries.Grrr.

Do you think this is fair, and if so, would you be willing to pay an advance fee to a British tourist company for a sun lounger? We think it's the least any self respecting hotel can do to lay on a bed for everyone who books a holiday. Or at least patrol the pool area for cheating bed hoggers. (Yes, we've had our sun lounger stolen by a German before.)

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