A Review on the Los Pelicanos Hotel in Benidorm

The Los Pelicanos in Benidorm is probably most famous for its appearance on the TV show "Benidorm". The comedy show films in and around this beautiful hotel, showing people everything this beautiful hotel has to offer. Designed for families and couples alike, the Sol Pelicanos is situated in a popular part of the resort and has two beautiful beaches within walking distance.

Among the five pools the Los Pelicanos in Benidorm has to offer is a unique Tropical-style pool featuring three whirlpool baths and a swim-up bar serving soft drinks and alcohol all day long. There are also two poolside bars, offering drinks and snacks through the day and into the evening. Children and adults alike can enjoy the many activities put on at the Los Pelicanos, ranging from pool-side sports activities to indoor games such as bingo and other popular games. The hotel also has archery and rifle-shooting on offer, as well as an early morning keep fit class for those who want to work off the holiday belly.

The rooms available in the Sol Pelicanos in Benidorm all feature satellite television and are fully air-conditioned. Each room has a telephone, which can be used to call reception 24/7 or you can call home for a small charge displayed at the hotel's reception desk. The entertainment laid on by the Los Pelicanos continues into the night with guests having a choice of two bars as well as professional shows each evening. Guests are invited to participate in singing and dancing as well as taking part in various contests to win prizes.

The Sol Pelicanos in Benidorm is situated in the heart of this thriving town, with shops and bars all around it for those who fancy a change in scenary. The hotel overlooks a beautiful skyline with the breath taking Levante hills giving the area a postcard feel.


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