Los Angeles: it’s all gone Pete Tong

There was a time before iPods, e-readers and recession when two red cherries on a pair of tight white speedoes could only mean one thing: Club Pacha in Ibiza. If you’re old enough to remember this, and still partying, then you need to grow up and stop looking foolish in front of the much younger, much healthier and much more attractive 20 year party-people of today.

If you are of the said party-people scene, then forget Ibiza, forget Goa, forget Ayia Napa – there’s only one place to be for electronica right now, and it’s Los Angeles.

DJ God and ex-Ibiza vinyl spinner Pete Tong will be based there this year and headlining some of the big parties including the Electronic Daisy Carnival at the LA Memorial Coliseum and Exposition Park on 26 and 27 June, electricdaisycarnival. This is over 100,000 ravers giving it socks in the LA summer sun.

Later in the year is the Nocturnal Festival on 25 September at the Nos Events Centre. And if you’re stuck for something to do between these two monster gigs then head out into the desert and lose yourself at Burning Man, in Arizona. Virgin offers direct flights to LA from London for around £400.

Check out petetong.com for more of where he’ll be spinning.

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