Looking for somewhere special to stay in Spain? Try this award-winning five star hotel in the hills near Granada.

Think of all the stereotype images you have of a Spanish holiday and Spanish coastal hotels, banish them from your mind and start afresh. This deluxe hotel is a far cry from the towering blocks you find on the costas and the perfect place for a romantic stay. Let’s face it, there’s nothing amorous about being stuck with the tourist hoards, on the beach or off.

Set on a 350 hectare estate in the hills of Loja near Granada, the Hotel Barceló La Bobadilla (www.barcelo.com) has just been awarded the 2010 Prize for Excellence, and it’s not hard to see why. All rooms have fabulous views of the spectacular countryside of olive trees and holm oaks which surround the hotel and most rooms have a private terrace/solarium or garden and come with all the comforts one would expect from a five star hotel.

Of course luxury doesn’t come cheap but you will be sure to get value for money. ‘Basic’ rooms, although this is a misnomer, with large terrace, are spacious, between 30 and 50 sq mts, and start at €226,95 per night including taxes. The hotel specializes in suites, which start at €260.10 per night and are idyllic.

There are also two-bedroomed suites available and top of the range ‘Presidential Suites’ which come complete with large lounge and private dining room, jacuzzi with panoramic views, plasma TV and more. But at over €1000 per night it’s highly likely that we’ll be leaving them for visiting dignitaries!

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