Looking for Love? Take to the hills

Single and sick of pubs, clubs and disappointing dinner parties? You’re not the only one. The new big thing for singles today is to get outdoors and combine flirting with fitness.

The company, Walkabout Wicklow, in Ireland, does just that and promises that love can find you even when you’re red-faced and panting half way up a hill. ‘It’s funny watching people flirt as we walk up a mountain, while you’re sweating it out, covered in mud,’ says organiser Joseph Quinn. See WalkaboutWicklow.

If climbing a mountain doesn’t set your heart racing, however, then sailing is another outdoor option with romantic potential. Glenans Irish Sailing Club has brought plenty of people together over the years, boasting several marriages born from its sailing courses and outdoor activities, which extend to walks when weather conditions precludes taking to the water.

Muddy Matches, an online dating site for 'country-minded people' that operates from Britain, organizes many outdoor events for the romantically minded, that include hiking and clay pigeon shooting. Check out MuddyMatches

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