Looking for cheap travel insurance? Look no further!

The first thing to consider when purchasing travel insurance is whether you need single trip, annual multi-trip or specialist policy cover. Buy single trip cover if you're not a frequent traveller. These policies make sure that you're not buying more insurance than you need, and are cost-effective if you don't travel often. Another advantage is that single trip policies can be tailored depending on the type of trip you're taking. You can get extra cover for dangerous activities, for example. Multi-trip policies cover you for all the trips you take within a year. The length of the trips covered are usually subject to a limit, which can vary between providers, so shop around for the best value. As a rule of thumb, multi-trip is usually better value if you take more than 3 trips a year.

If you're planning a dangerous activity or sport, it will be necessary to buy a specialist policy. So for all those interested in shark-diving or scaling mountains, you should inform your insurer, as you are usually not covered by standard policies. Specialist policies are also necessary for travellers older than 60 or 65 and younger than 18, or if you are not physically or mentally fit before travelling. If you're planning a longer than usual trip, you'll also need to purchase specialised insurance.

There are many websites to find the perfect cheap travel insurance for you, which have cheap and reliable options. Many larger companies also come with security as they are well established and you have a guarantee of quality that you just won't get with smaller companies. It might sound trite, but when it comes to paying for all the little pieces of a holiday every little helps!

Just a few of the great offers available from on-line travel insurance companies include single trip cover from just £5.50 and annual cover from £50.00, a couples policy to Europe for 1 week for only £31.00 and a family policy to Europe for 1 week for £31.00.

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