Looking for cheap holidays to Turkey from Scotland

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Considering that Turkey is at the tip of both eastern and western cultures,it offers a blend of both, which helps to offer a unique holiday experience and cater for many an individual taste.  Due to these factors, and more,it is becoming increasingly popular as a Scottish holidaymaker destination.So if cheap holidays to Turkey from Scotland catch your imagination here is some information for you

The regions that seem most popular with British tourists seem to be that of Izmir, Dalaman, Antalya and Bodrum. And with good reason, upon checking www.dealchecker.co.uk you will discover that holiday packages from Glasgow airport to Bodrum can cost as little as €267, this includes 7 nights self-catering accommodation, certainly a bargain.  With prices this low it is certainly an encouragement to visit Turkey to experience the historical ruins and natural beauty of the country side.  However, these enticing and relaxed attractions are not all that Turkey has to offer.

Surrounded on 3 sides by the Aegean, Mediterranean and Black Sea, it hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.  Due to its proximity to the Mediterranean sea, Turkey benefits from typical Mediterranean weather, therefore hot and dry in the Summer and mild in Winter. And when considered the typical winters in Scotland a winter break to Turkey can still be viewed as a sun holiday.

Of course, when one speaks of Turkey, it would be remiss not to mention Istanbul.  A city steeped in historical significance, it holds the honour of being the only City in the world based in two continents.  Turkey offers everything a holiday maker would want. From beaches and bustling night life to belly dancing and the Bazaars, where haggling is encouraged.

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