Looking for cheap flights to England from Dublin?

Everybody is promising to have the best last minute deals this Summer, so it can be hard to decide where to begin your search when looking for cheap flights to England from Dublin. But instead of jumping from site to site trying to compare them all, take a look at ryanair.ie and save yourself the time and hassle.

For example, with Ryanair you could get away from it all at the very last minute, with a flight from Dublin to London Gatwick on Friday 2nd September, only a week from now, and the price would come in at just over one hundred pounds, with a return a week later on the 9th.

If however you are looking slightly further afield, you could get cheap flights to England from Dublin, for as little as 60 pounds. You could depart from Dublin on the 21st October for a long weekend in Manchester, arriving back on Monday 24th at 7.30am for this low price.

Or if your looking for cheap flights to England from Dublin and want them as cheap as chips, you could get away to Liverpool from Dublin on the 6th October for a week, for just over twenty five pounds!

Please note that although Ryanair.ie are a low cost airline, there are added extras for checked in baggage (25-35 pound), as well as penalties for not following their terms and conditions. Be aware these include, any unchecked baggage that exceeds their weight or size limits - these will either incur a fee to be checked onto the plane, or the bag does not travel. Also, passengers who fail to check in online or have printed the boarding pass within the time limits will also incur fees.

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