Looking for a weekend break in a Madrid hotel with a difference? We have the perfect place.

If you’re a wine connoisseur or just enjoy a glass or two every now and then, you might be thinking of heading to the Loire Valley for a tasting tour or hanging out in Bordeaux. But if you like something more urban, and fancy taking a weekend break to get you through to the summer we have the perfect place.

Grab a cheap flight to Madrid with Easy Jet or Ryanair and book a room at the legendary Posada del León de Oro (www.posadadelleondeoro.com). Over a hundred years old, the inn has recently re-opened its doors after being converted into a boutique hotel with 17 soundproofed rooms arranged around an inner courtyard.

Located in the heart of Madrid’s vibrant old quarter, the Cava Baja, and just two minutes walk from the city’s main square, the grandiose Plaza Mayor, the hotel maintains some of the inn's original features along with avant guarde decor and discreet modern technology.

And here’s the best part: its facilities include a wine tavern with a good range of wines and food. So you can happily eat and drink to your heart’s content in the knowledge that if you have a glass or two too many, you only have to climb the stairs and fall into bed!

Travel to Madrid from now until June, unless you like temperatures in the hundreds. The hotel does have air-conditioning though, for those who are prepared to brave the summer heat.

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