Looking for a weekend break close to home?

You’re still in time to join the Anglesey walking Festival, which takes place this year from the 28th of May until the 12th of June. With 40 different walks to choose from, the festival is a great way to discover this beautiful island which is steeped in history.

The Lligwy walk visits three historic sites: a Neolithic Burial Chamber, a Roman Fort and a 12th century church. Another includes a visit to the rather spectacular 13th century Beaumaris Castle (pictured), built by King Edward I after he conquered Wales. In 1301 he made his son the first Prince of Wales to celebrate the victory, so starting the tradition of the heir to the British throne holding this title.

If this all sounds a little serious, why not try the romantic speed-dating walks for single people, or the Geocaching, a high-tech treasure hunt in which participants use GPS navigators to locate the booty?

Joined to the north-west coast of the Welsh mainland by the Menai and Britannia Bridges across the Menai Strait, the fertile flatlands of Anglesey contrast with the magnificent Mountains of Snowdonia on the mainland. Anglesey was the last Celtic region of Britain to be conquered by the Romans in the first century, so if you're into history and nature, it makes for a relaxing and interesting break.

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